About Us

My name is Richard Robinson, 67 years old, married to my wonderful wife, Gypsy, for 42 years and we have one daughter and 2 granddaughters.  I started detecting 38 years ago and have been a dealer for 12 years, starting with White’s and then picking up the other major brands gradually.  Most of my  38  years of hunting have been devoted to Civil War relic hunting and occasionally some coin hunting.  I have a couple of favorite detectors but have found out that most will produce well if the time is taken to learn the machine and follow some simple hunting procedures.  While my knowledge of detectors is limited, if you have a question, I will try to answer it to the best of my ability.   I will not sale you something that you don’t need nor give you extras that are not usable in the field.

Backwoods Detector Sales is located in Greeneville, Tennessee.  We are an Authorized GOLD STAR Tesoro Dealer, an Authorized Fisher Dealer, an Authorized Minelab Dealer. We also carry other major brands of metal detectors and metal detecting accessories. We usually have a good supply of used metal detectors in stock and will consider Nice, Clean metal detectors on trade.

Before you buy from any other dealer, contact me for a Backwoods Deal!